car accident.

i was driving home from my internship with my coworker when we came to a busy intersection. i literally pulled up to the lights (red) with a few cars in front of me when we heard the big crash. the accident in front of us was one of the worst ones i’ve seen since school started.

there were at least 3 cars involved and one had almost the entire front ripped off. i couldn’t see the driver of that vehicle so i’m assuming the impact was harsh enough to cause him/her to fold forward. my coworker and i are both first aid/cpr certified and were ready to jump out of the car to help, but in seconds there were at least 15 people at the site.

i arrived at my apartment quite shaky and harshly reminded to be oh so cautious when driving. so my friends, don’t be in a hurry when driving. remember you can always do a u-turn and running that red light really will only save you seconds. i’d rather have you here late than never again.


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