How I Made $566 This Summer JUST By Selling My Old Stuff On Facebook

Facebook is an amazing place to sell your old stuff. In fact, I made over twice as much money selling on Facebook than I did on KSL Classifieds (and I didn’t even try Craigslist).

My parents are in the middle of moving and we’ve been packing and getting rid of stuff ALL summer! They were wanting to throw out so much stuff and with me being a poor college graduate, I figured maybe I could sell everything.

Surprisingly, I sold much more than I expected. Who knew an old cork board or kids paint was something someone was looking for?

I started out by selling on KSL Classifieds. It’s a lot like Craigslist but it didn’t make me as nervous as Craigslist. However, I only sold a few things. I would say that those types of selling centers are best for more expensive items. But what about all the little random stuff that I really didn’t want to throw away?

Yay for Facebook yard sale groups!!!

I enjoyed selling on Facebook because the communication was quick and easy. The best thing is that you actually see the person (due to their Facebook profile) and you get a hint of who is buying from you. That made me a lot more comfortable with having buyers come pick up their items at my house.

So how do you do it?

I’m not sure if your specific town does it, but all I did was search “yard sale” and the name of my town in the Facebook search box. I then searched yard sale pages for the surrounding cities. Usually you have to request entrance to the group, but I was added within hours on most of them.

Some of the stuff I sold include:

-Old projector and screen

-Table saw

-Lots of paint for kids


-Tennis rackets


-Food storage wheat


So before you throw away your old stuff, try selling through a Facebook yard sale group. You might end up walking away with more cash in your pocket than expected.


Starbucks Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade (DIY Style)

Do you know what makes me really upset? Spending hard-earned money on unnecessary food. And yet I still do it occasionally. We all need cheat treats, right?

I made a rare stop at Starbucks the other day while on a business trip. With some time to kill on which was a very hot day, I thought it would be a good place to relax and get an iced tea. I went with the Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade because the cashier said it was their most popular.


You heard me, folks! $3.72 (food tax included) for a 16 oz drink. Might I add that the tea mixture had been poured over ice. They didn’t even give me 16 oz of fluid and THEN add in ice.

Oh no, because that wouldn’t be profitable for Starbucks!

I did enjoy the cold drink, but ended up buying a Jamba because iced tea does not fill you up. So in the end, I ended up paying as much for drinks as I would have had I just gotten one of Cafe Rio’s delicious burritos.

Like I said, the iced tea was pretty tasty (a little watered down due to the immense amount of ice). So after looking up a few recipes, I tried making my own today. Two weeks ago I was sitting in my grandparents’ home in Europe sipping hot tea for breakfast. And now I am back in America with loads of European tea, green tea included. So I was rather excited to experiment copying Starbucks’ drink.

Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade

16 oz water

1 green tea bag

11 tbsp peach juice

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp honey

Steep the green tea in 16 oz of boiling water. Stir in the honey and let cool. Then add peach juice and lemon juice. Stir, then cool in fridge for 30 minutes. Serve poured over ice.

Fall Favorites

I really appreciate home. Going to school and living with roommates it great and all, but sometimes you just need to go home. Sometimes you just need to do your laundry for free, sleep in your own bed, eat normal food, and hug your mom every 10 minutes (did I just say that out loud?).

My Friday class was canceled so I figured why not come home for the weekend? I really enjoyed walking around the garden, eating fresh tomatoes and unwashed carrots, taking pictures of Fall, and enjoying the sun. No homework got done, but that’s what Mondays are for, right? Besides, you beautiful people need something to make make your day a little brighter!

So enjoy a little tour around my home where I show you my Fall favorites!


Our lavender blooms during the early summer, but we always get a late second bloom of just a few flowers. Lavender is one of my most favorite scents and its colors compliment the garden so nicely.


This picture was taken from down looking up towards the sky. Look at all those shades of green and yellow.


Potatoes! Our purple potatoes are one of the most prized garden harvests that I grew up eating during the winter. So delicious and so purple.


Because who doesn’t enjoy an artistic-looking, leaky, old faucet?


A low-lying plant that is absolutely vibrant with red.


A ground full of pine reminds me of the forests in the Czech Republic. One of the best places for a run that is soft on the knees.


Please appreciate the color contrast here.


This is one of the largest grapevines in our garden. When I was younger, we had a trampoline right next to it. So I and my friends would jump, eat some grapes, jump, eat, jump, and then run to the bathroom…TMI, but it’s true 🙂


Oh hello, delicate little creature…


And another delicate beauty.


The white fence of my childhood! Many pictures were taken around and on it. Many children clambered about it, pretending it was a train or a horse.


Do you know what grass sounds like?


Did I ever mention my family smokes? Yes! We smoke the best meat in town, people! It wouldn’t be Fall without some fresh smoked meat and steaming purple potatoes.


Fruit tree after fruit tree. I think the last time I counted we had 23. Apple, peaches, pears, oh my!


The quakers! These trees give us privacy and the most interesting symphony every night the East wind blows from the canyon.


Sage. A beautiful word. A beautiful name. A beautiful plant with incredible texture.


Ever compared a fresh garden apple to a store-bought one? The difference so apparent that you’ll never want to buy another apple again.


Just take a moment to appreciate this lovely dirt. Because it really is quite lovely.


Ever wonder what heaven tastes like? Take a bite out of a freshly picked garden tomato.


I am going to miss my parsley forest so much once winter comes! It grows like a weed and it’s so fresh, so delicious, and so green.


Green house boarding set aside for winter.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor’s cute then forget the fruit.



Little lettuce sprigs that won’t have a chance to fully grow before the first frost arrives.


Hello Mr. Grasshopper! Such big eyes and legs.


Potted herbs are a great way to keep your food fresh and flavored during the winter months.




Yes, I ate a carrot straight from the ground with dirt on it. Got a problem with that?


Final tree pruning before it snows.


The shed that I played house in way too many times growing up.



Time to carve a new perch for the little parakeets!


Beautiful caramel apples because your sister is so kind and brings you treats home from Halloween parties.


This is the home I grew up in. This is where all of my childhood memories are grounded. This is where I spent every October since I was a little girl. There are details, cycles, expectations that I know all too well. This is my place.

Happy October, friends!