Remember Your Dreams

September 1, 2016

Sometimes I feel stuck. So stuck that it makes me sick. It usually happens when I focus so much on the issue right in front of me without remembering my dreams for the future. I get tired of the day to day stress. Sitting there, doing research, deliveries, starting yet another online job…Soon the days seem to just drag on.

But then I remember. I remember why I am doing all of this. I remember the beautiful two story home with a wrap-around porch. I hear the dog barking as the children chase each other on the grass. I feel my husbands lips on mine as he greets me after a long day at work. As I stand there and look around, I see fields of gold, skies of blue, the chicken coop that we built one hot Saturday and the barn where we do woodwork and jewelry making.

It is a beautiful future, one that I will do anything for. To have a family where we love and cherish one another. To have our own land and to be independent. To grow our own food and teach out children to thank God for His goodness.

Remember your dreams because they will come. Fight for them. Hold onto them. Work for them.