How I Made $566 This Summer JUST By Selling My Old Stuff On Facebook

Facebook is an amazing place to sell your old stuff. In fact, I made over twice as much money selling on Facebook than I did on KSL Classifieds (and I didn’t even try Craigslist).

My parents are in the middle of moving and we’ve been packing and getting rid of stuff ALL summer! They were wanting to throw out so much stuff and with me being a poor college graduate, I figured maybe I could sell everything.

Surprisingly, I sold much more than I expected. Who knew an old cork board or kids paint was something someone was looking for?

I started out by selling on KSL Classifieds. It’s a lot like Craigslist but it didn’t make me as nervous as Craigslist. However, I only sold a few things. I would say that those types of selling centers are best for more expensive items. But what about all the little random stuff that I really didn’t want to throw away?

Yay for Facebook yard sale groups!!!

I enjoyed selling on Facebook because the communication was quick and easy. The best thing is that you actually see the person (due to their Facebook profile) and you get a hint of who is buying from you. That made me a lot more comfortable with having buyers come pick up their items at my house.

So how do you do it?

I’m not sure if your specific town does it, but all I did was search “yard sale” and the name of my town in the Facebook search box. I then searched yard sale pages for the surrounding cities. Usually you have to request entrance to the group, but I was added within hours on most of them.

Some of the stuff I sold include:

-Old projector and screen

-Table saw

-Lots of paint for kids


-Tennis rackets


-Food storage wheat


So before you throw away your old stuff, try selling through a Facebook yard sale group. You might end up walking away with more cash in your pocket than expected.