what’s up! oct 17

favorite song
boom clap by lennon and maisy. it’s a beautifully mellow song that fits the mood for today’s vibrant, overcast weather.

best meal
hands down, nothing beats a meal your mom cooks. i really do need to get better at cooking for myself, but it’s so boring to make food without anybody else to enjoy…so coming home means a plateful of deliciousness!

perfect weather
believe it or not, those are windows! is not that reflection just absolutely incredible? i love fall, i love old buildings, i love my campus!

love this person
sisters are the essence of pure enjoyment. she is my best friend, my partner in crime, and my inspiration. life without her would be bland and visiting home would not even be half as fun.

fun times
life is a blast right now. i’ll be posting some fun fall pictures later…so come back for that!

in the moment
yoga! i love, love, love my yoga class and yes…i did sneak this picture inconspicuously. aren’t they beautiful people? shoulder stands are so hot 🙂

yoga challenge
“the nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.”

piano stairs. piano stairs in my house? yes, please!


what’s up! Oct 10

i am late getting this post up! but it was way past my bedtime and i didn’t want to stay up finishing it. so good morning, lovelies! it’s a beautiful october saturday and life is just dandy.

favorite song
ok. i literally cannot get enough of owl city. and this song is totally my style of music. gotta love the bird and the worm…perfect for fall, don’t you think?
The Bird and The Worm by Owl City

best meal
hooray for 3 days of raw food. breakfast this morning was a-mazing! if i knew more about chakras, i’d say my red one is very happy right now. oh and those are not blueberries…we have this awesome grapevine at home that grows these deep purple/bluish grapes (not concord grapes). yum yum!

perfect weather
i hiked the y with a friend this morning and the view was gorgeous. seriously, october is probably my favorite month. it just has so many beautiful days full of clear skies, perfect temperatures, and amazing colors. p.s. it also helped that there was a tarantula up there! happy halloween.

love this person
isaac is one of my best college buddies who knows how to have a good conversation. we’re kind of in the same boat when it comes to relationships and such nonsense so we have a lot of fun together. our evening together yesterday was a blast.

fun times
what? more korean food? yes, please! thanks, erik, for making more kimchi soup because it is so, so good! i have no connection to anything korean, but the food is just so yummily different!

in the moment
there’s just something so very special about seeing a young dad rocking his little baby to sleep in the chemistry building study area. to watch how he gently tucks the sleeping boy in the stroller and then goes back to studying. i don’t know what it is, but my heart just warms up at such a sight. but, i didn’t snap a picture, so here’s another moment. walking out of the library and i see this. byu homecoming and they lit the y on the mountain. it was a pretty sweet moment.

yoga challenge
crow pose! my, don’t i look like a lovely stink beetle! but this is one of my favorite poses because of the stability i feel when i’m in it. you can also go from a headstand into crow pose and vice versa…that’s pretty legit if you ask me.

it’s pretty funny/true and the poop emoji is my favorite one 🙂
yes, your crush poops

alright, my friends! happy weekend, and i’ll see you next weekend!