Fall Favorites

I really appreciate home. Going to school and living with roommates it great and all, but sometimes you just need to go home. Sometimes you just need to do your laundry for free, sleep in your own bed, eat normal food, and hug your mom every 10 minutes (did I just say that out loud?).

My Friday class was canceled so I figured why not come home for the weekend? I really enjoyed walking around the garden, eating fresh tomatoes and unwashed carrots, taking pictures of Fall, and enjoying the sun. No homework got done, but that’s what Mondays are for, right? Besides, you beautiful people need something to make make your day a little brighter!

So enjoy a little tour around my home where I show you my Fall favorites!


Our lavender blooms during the early summer, but we always get a late second bloom of just a few flowers. Lavender is one of my most favorite scents and its colors compliment the garden so nicely.


This picture was taken from down looking up towards the sky. Look at all those shades of green and yellow.


Potatoes! Our purple potatoes are one of the most prized garden harvests that I grew up eating during the winter. So delicious and so purple.


Because who doesn’t enjoy an artistic-looking, leaky, old faucet?


A low-lying plant that is absolutely vibrant with red.


A ground full of pine reminds me of the forests in the Czech Republic. One of the best places for a run that is soft on the knees.


Please appreciate the color contrast here.


This is one of the largest grapevines in our garden. When I was younger, we had a trampoline right next to it. So I and my friends would jump, eat some grapes, jump, eat, jump, and then run to the bathroom…TMI, but it’s true 🙂


Oh hello, delicate little creature…


And another delicate beauty.


The white fence of my childhood! Many pictures were taken around and on it. Many children clambered about it, pretending it was a train or a horse.


Do you know what grass sounds like?


Did I ever mention my family smokes? Yes! We smoke the best meat in town, people! It wouldn’t be Fall without some fresh smoked meat and steaming purple potatoes.


Fruit tree after fruit tree. I think the last time I counted we had 23. Apple, peaches, pears, oh my!


The quakers! These trees give us privacy and the most interesting symphony every night the East wind blows from the canyon.


Sage. A beautiful word. A beautiful name. A beautiful plant with incredible texture.


Ever compared a fresh garden apple to a store-bought one? The difference so apparent that you’ll never want to buy another apple again.


Just take a moment to appreciate this lovely dirt. Because it really is quite lovely.


Ever wonder what heaven tastes like? Take a bite out of a freshly picked garden tomato.


I am going to miss my parsley forest so much once winter comes! It grows like a weed and it’s so fresh, so delicious, and so green.


Green house boarding set aside for winter.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor’s cute then forget the fruit.



Little lettuce sprigs that won’t have a chance to fully grow before the first frost arrives.


Hello Mr. Grasshopper! Such big eyes and legs.


Potted herbs are a great way to keep your food fresh and flavored during the winter months.




Yes, I ate a carrot straight from the ground with dirt on it. Got a problem with that?


Final tree pruning before it snows.


The shed that I played house in way too many times growing up.



Time to carve a new perch for the little parakeets!


Beautiful caramel apples because your sister is so kind and brings you treats home from Halloween parties.


This is the home I grew up in. This is where all of my childhood memories are grounded. This is where I spent every October since I was a little girl. There are details, cycles, expectations that I know all too well. This is my place.

Happy October, friends!


what’s up! oct 17

favorite song
boom clap by lennon and maisy. it’s a beautifully mellow song that fits the mood for today’s vibrant, overcast weather.

best meal
hands down, nothing beats a meal your mom cooks. i really do need to get better at cooking for myself, but it’s so boring to make food without anybody else to enjoy…so coming home means a plateful of deliciousness!

perfect weather
believe it or not, those are windows! is not that reflection just absolutely incredible? i love fall, i love old buildings, i love my campus!

love this person
sisters are the essence of pure enjoyment. she is my best friend, my partner in crime, and my inspiration. life without her would be bland and visiting home would not even be half as fun.

fun times
life is a blast right now. i’ll be posting some fun fall pictures later…so come back for that!

in the moment
yoga! i love, love, love my yoga class and yes…i did sneak this picture inconspicuously. aren’t they beautiful people? shoulder stands are so hot 🙂

yoga challenge
“the nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.”

piano stairs. piano stairs in my house? yes, please!

car accident.

i was driving home from my internship with my coworker when we came to a busy intersection. i literally pulled up to the lights (red) with a few cars in front of me when we heard the big crash. the accident in front of us was one of the worst ones i’ve seen since school started.

there were at least 3 cars involved and one had almost the entire front ripped off. i couldn’t see the driver of that vehicle so i’m assuming the impact was harsh enough to cause him/her to fold forward. my coworker and i are both first aid/cpr certified and were ready to jump out of the car to help, but in seconds there were at least 15 people at the site.

i arrived at my apartment quite shaky and harshly reminded to be oh so cautious when driving. so my friends, don’t be in a hurry when driving. remember you can always do a u-turn and running that red light really will only save you seconds. i’d rather have you here late than never again.

what’s up! Oct 10

i am late getting this post up! but it was way past my bedtime and i didn’t want to stay up finishing it. so good morning, lovelies! it’s a beautiful october saturday and life is just dandy.

favorite song
ok. i literally cannot get enough of owl city. and this song is totally my style of music. gotta love the bird and the worm…perfect for fall, don’t you think?
The Bird and The Worm by Owl City

best meal
hooray for 3 days of raw food. breakfast this morning was a-mazing! if i knew more about chakras, i’d say my red one is very happy right now. oh and those are not blueberries…we have this awesome grapevine at home that grows these deep purple/bluish grapes (not concord grapes). yum yum!

perfect weather
i hiked the y with a friend this morning and the view was gorgeous. seriously, october is probably my favorite month. it just has so many beautiful days full of clear skies, perfect temperatures, and amazing colors. p.s. it also helped that there was a tarantula up there! happy halloween.

love this person
isaac is one of my best college buddies who knows how to have a good conversation. we’re kind of in the same boat when it comes to relationships and such nonsense so we have a lot of fun together. our evening together yesterday was a blast.

fun times
what? more korean food? yes, please! thanks, erik, for making more kimchi soup because it is so, so good! i have no connection to anything korean, but the food is just so yummily different!

in the moment
there’s just something so very special about seeing a young dad rocking his little baby to sleep in the chemistry building study area. to watch how he gently tucks the sleeping boy in the stroller and then goes back to studying. i don’t know what it is, but my heart just warms up at such a sight. but, i didn’t snap a picture, so here’s another moment. walking out of the library and i see this. byu homecoming and they lit the y on the mountain. it was a pretty sweet moment.

yoga challenge
crow pose! my, don’t i look like a lovely stink beetle! but this is one of my favorite poses because of the stability i feel when i’m in it. you can also go from a headstand into crow pose and vice versa…that’s pretty legit if you ask me.

it’s pretty funny/true and the poop emoji is my favorite one 🙂
yes, your crush poops

alright, my friends! happy weekend, and i’ll see you next weekend!

i’m a binger

first off, whatever teeny tiny flying bugs that are so rampant on campus in the middle of the day…please go away! i don’t appreciate (and i’m sure you don’t either) that at least five of you stick in my hair, face, and clothes every time I try to walk to my classes.

anyways, so i’m a binger, huh? well i’ll admit that when it comes to exercising…yes, i am a binger. i won’t go running for a few days even a couple of weeks and then i’ll snap out of it and run, and run, and run…then repeat the same cycle over again.

it’s pretty pitiful. but who’s gonna run the st. george half? you bet i will! that’ll force my training to be more consistent…hopefully. so for your pure enjoyment and to my utter chagrin, here are some of my favorite running memes.

credit goes to whomever…
Screenshot_2015-07-15-11-39-55-1 Screenshot_2015-07-15-11-41-14-1 Screenshot_2015-07-15-11-45-30-1 Screenshot_2015-07-15-11-53-14-1 and my absolute favorite because it is so, so true. every runner can attest to this, so don’t judge me.

what’s up! oct 2

favorite song
pumpin blood by nonono. not a band that i would listen to for more than one song but the tune is catchy. it also helps that this song came on when i was about to fall asleep over studying for my stress management exam.
IMG_20151002_170607 best meal
not really the “best meal” but i came home tonight and wanted a warm bowl of love & cinnamon – hence the oatmeal. recruited a fancy raspberry for the photo – i have the best roommates ever (thanks christine).
IMG_20151002_205918perfect weather
oh heavenly fall, the colors are amazing. there is nothing quite thrilling like trumping through golden leaves under a huge canopy of branches. now i just need to find a man to kiss under it…should’ve caught backpack guy over there.
IMG_20151002_191620 love this person
i love you, christa! after some uncanny boy drama this week, she appeared out of nowhere just at the perfect time with a listening ear. we’ve concluded that however dramatic your dealings are with the opposite sex, it’s nearly not as a big deal as you think (just give it a few days and a couple rita’s custard trips). and there’s always an exit sign too…just kidding!
IMG_20151002_213749 fun times
korean food anybody? so good and so spicy – kimchi soup and sweet & spicy chicken. yes, we did eat the entire meal with chopsticks and i felt quite accomplished afterwords. if i ever have a weight issue, i’m going to move to asia because i’ll eat twice as slow and half as much with those sticks.
IMG_20151002_191745 yoga challenge
let’s just say i am so glad pictures only take a second to snap because if it were more, i would be the one snapping. #sonotayogaguru
IMG_20151002_214825 word
“CHIC” pronounced “sheek” means elegantly and stylishly fashionable. apparently my whole life is a lie because i’ve calling all my girlfriends chicks lately. whoops. photocred goes to heather…thanks for sharing your sheekiness.
IMG_20151002_215515 in the moment
ok peeps, i was so in the moment that i totally spaced an exam review. whoops. must’ve been something in the grass on campus because i was so relaxed.

courtesy of studio c “the absent-minded robber”

it’s been a pretty intense but awesome week and i’ve been learning so much about myself. i got out of a relationship that i didn’t realize was suppressing me until i left. for months i told myself that i was refining and perfecting my character when in reality i was just trying to be someone that i am not. i am learning again to bring out the best of my crazy, clueless, go-go-go personality and i’m lovin it! life is so much better when you are satisfied with you as the only company, when you can take selfies and call yourself hot, when you realize how amazing your friends and roommates are, when you feel humbled because the people around you are so patient and understanding…life is just good right now.


Mango Lime Aztec Salad

Classes are over, people! It was a bitter-sweet ending. Sweet because I finished the year successfully, but bitter because I moved out and parted with my sweet roommates. I honestly could not have asked for better girls to live with. They were awesome and I already miss them!

Our last night together, one of the girls and her boyfriend made dinner for the rest of us. It was so, so good that I grabbed the recipe to share with all of you. It’s copied almost word for word, so if that’s a copyright issue…sorry. You’re recipe was so darn good! I couldn’t help it! All credit to you!

We had all just finished a long hike up a canyon so we were tired and hungry. This was a perfect meal that was light (because of all the veggies) but also protein-rich (because of the quinoa).

Enough talking…Oh, and all I had was a Snapchat picture to share with you. Hence the caption. 🙂


Mango Lime Aztec Salad
1 cup chopped tomato (about 2 roma tomatoes)
1 cup peeled and chopped cucumber (about 1/2 large cucumber)
1 cup chopped jicama
1 cup chopped avocado
1/2 cup chopped red onion
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 cups mixed salad greens
4 cups cooked quinoa, cooled
1 cup Mango Lime Vinaigrette

Inside a bowl, combine tomato, cucumber, jicama, avocado, and red onion. Toss with lemon juice and sea salt. Divide salad greens on four plates. Top each with 1 cup of cooked quinoa. On each serving, drizzle quinoa with about 2 tablespoons of the Mango Lime Vinaigrette. On each serving, place one-quarter of the tomato mixture on top of the quinoa. Drizzle a bit more Mango Lime Vinaigrette on top of the tomato mixture on each serving. Garnish each serving with cilantro leaves, pumpkin seeds, and mango slices.

Mango Lime Vinaigrette
1 cup chopped fresh or frozen mango
1/2 cup avocado oil (or some other tasteless oil)
1/4 cup maple syrup (or raw honey)
1/4 cup fresh lime juice (about 2 small limes)
1 tbsp vinegar
1.5 tsp sea salt
1.5 tsp grated fresh ginger

Place all ingredients in a blender and puree.

1/2 cup fresh cilantro leaves
4 tbsp roasted pumpkin seeds
4 slices fresh mango

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!!!!


P.S. This is my finals-are-over-summer-is-here-heck-ya face.



Hello world!

Yes, long time no see! I promise I didn’t die…

It’s finals week over here and it is pretty fun. You know this is my favorite time of the entire semester, so you just imagine me sitting in the library chilling over my books, power-points, notes, papers galore.

I actually am supposed to be studying for a final right now that I need to take in 1.5 hours. Ah!

Nothing much exciting, other then the semester is practically over. Whoohoo!